Bière – RedChurch Brewery – London UK

Urban FarmHouse Red Church

Bière – RedChurch Brewery – London UK

« Pillar of salt » 4,5% – 2017

Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, yeast, lactobacillus, Anglesey sea salt, coriander leaves

Allure of the bottle, sticker: modern, « handcrafted » style printing, simple, sleek design, brown and off-white.

Aromas: The pale, creamy beige colour opens a complex olfactory palette oscillating between the pressed orange, the smoke of the hot chocolate, the sublimated coriander and some random lemon notes. A male sensuality firmly controlled  is expressed.

Flavors: The appetizer is saline, combined with a delicate smoothness. The acidic equilibrium is well defined towards the slightly lemon currant. An elegant contrast between the opaque colour and the finely directed digestive taste, which remains supple. Its sharp harmony is pleasant with a more androgynous taste sensuality.

The musical chord chosen from the same vintage celebrates the beauty of wine/beer by matching the three common invariable parameters defined in the two universes following the Wine4Melomanes concept: sensuality, vivacity and melody. These parameters are the result of the dynamic equation of the know-how of the brewer to reveal the alchemy of the aromas and flavors precisely combined.

My chosen musical suggestion:

Nick Hakim « Green twins » 2017

The haunted choirs in the intro of the song, sacred by a deep voice and an orchestration 70s pop rock throbbing, echo with the sensual aromatic ensemble well drawn from this London beer.

The elaborate arrangements of the musical composition are photographed in the cloudy colour of the beer. They surprise with precision and seduction by their rich, fluid and intoxicating sonorities in the image of tasting the malted and innovative beverage.

Tasted in May 2017

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