Domaine du Castel – Judean Hills – Israël – 2000

 Petit Castel 

Domaine du Castel – Petit Castel – Judean Hills – Israël – 2000

Petit Castel Petit Castel Petit Castel Petit Castel

The chosen musical chord of the same vintage highlights the beauty of the wine, corresponding to the three common invariable parameters defined in the two universes following the Wine4Melomanes concept: sensuality, vivacity and melody. These parameters result from the organic dynamic equation of the geology of the terroir, the climate and the vines growing there, the know-how of the winegrower to reveal the alchemy of aromas and flavors precisely combined.

This great red wine from Israel, composed of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot, reveals its aromatic swirl around the black cherry, blackcurrant, plum thicket, leather, cedar wood and peppery vanilla.

This voluptuousness of fragrances combined with the delight of the same melted flavors, a delicacy of feminine sensuality to the tasting. This Mediterranean nectar draws an arduous balanced magnanimous considering the aromatic ensemble, but the harmonious challenge is successful with precision. This pioneer of the petit verdot in Israel is to be discovered!

My chosen musical proposal in pairing:

 Jill Scott « Slowly surely » 2000


The sensual composition of the Diva R&B emphasizes a high class depth and a melodic balance rarely achieved in this type of musical culture, it makes echo to the successful performance of the Israelite nectar where the incandescent equation reigns in the seduction allied with its terroir and the work of the winemaker. The epicurean triptych of the pairing meal-wine-music in photos!

Tasted in December 2017

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